From Cell To Soul – Extended Intensive Experiential Retreat

From Cell To Soul – Extended Intensive Experiential Retreat

Event Start Date: May 7, 2020

Event End Date: May 11, 2020

Join Gregg Braden for a five-day retreat in the majestic and tranquil sacred lands of Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico – May 7-11, 2020!



Very special five-day retreat with renowned best selling author and speaker Gregg Braden at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa in the majestic and tranquil desert sacred lands of Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico, USA (between Albuquerque and Santa Fe).

Spend close, rare time with Gregg as he leads you through some of the most recent discoveries merging science and spirituality in the alchemy of the human heart.

This program is designed to give you the maximum opportunity to do the deeper work that is the focus of our time together with Gregg.

Gregg feels that the duration of each day spent up close with his teachings, all set in the rugged beauty of New Mexico’s high desert and on the native Santa Anna pueblo, contributes to a unique personal experience that’s just not possible at the larger keynote oriented conferences.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Gregg and attendees from throughout the world for this heart-based retreat based upon Gregg’s lifetime of exploration, knowledge, wisdom and love!

Join like-minded people from all over the world for an experience of a lifetime!

Teaching Program:

We’re “Wired” To Be Extraordinary!

Throughout history, our ancestors have described mystical states of awareness and extraordinary experiences that they created when they needed them in life. It was these experiences that set them apart from other people, empowered them to feel safe in their world, and to make wise choices in life, healing, and relationships. It was these experiences, as well, that led them to feel a soulful connection to a greater existence and made them leaders in their families and communities. In our modern world of cell phones, online shopping, and digital relationships, we can still access the extraordinary capabilities that our ancestors described. The biological “wiring” that made such experiences possible for them in their time remains in our bodies today. Merging modern science with the wisdom of our past has shed new light on the techniques and benefits that form the core of this program. From the most intimate relationships, we have with ourselves, our life partners, family, neighbors, and friends, the better we know ourselves, the better equipped we are to thrive in life’s extremes. It’s this simple fact that forms the foundation of this powerful, new, multi-sensory program.

The Discoveries

A series of new discoveries has reversed 150 years of scientific thinking when it comes to the way we think of ourselves, our capabilities and our limits. From longevity and the way we age, to our connection to one another and all life, only recently has science confirmed what we’ve suspected from the time of our childhood – that we’re not what we’ve been told, and much more than we’ve ever imagined! This is especially true when it comes to our heart. We know, for example, that:

  1. Our heart does much more than simply pump blood throughout our bodies
  2. Mystical-sounding experiences, such as moments of deep intuition (instant knowing), non-local intuition (including remote viewing), pre-cognition (knowing that something will happen before it actually occurs) and the transformation of unhealthy subconscious beliefs into healthy ones, all begin in the heart. Specifically, these experiences are linked to the way we utilize specialized cells recently discovered within the heart.

In addition to the benefits of these extraordinary states of awareness, our ability to harmonize these specialized cells with our brain also triggers over 1,000 positive biochemical reactions in the body. These include a super immune system and the awakening of anti-aging hormones that promote longevity, trigger healing, and ignite the creation what scientists are now calling “immortal cells.”

This Program

In this responsibly presented, fast-paced, highly visual and experiential program, New York Times best-selling author, scientist and visionary Gregg Braden go beyond the mainstream thinking to reveal the discoveries that have reversed a century of thinking when it comes to us, our limits and capabilities. Join Gregg in this extended program based upon material from his new series of un-published books, combined with time-tested strategies from ancient, mystical, and indigenous traditions, as he shares the keys for thriving in life’s extremes.

Highlights of This Program Include:

  • A special segment dedicated to learning the techniques and experiencing the proven benefits, of heart-brain harmonization. These techniques are confirmed to be effective by modern science and parallel those used in practices preserved in ancient and indigenous traditions.
  • A special segment dedicated to identifying the 7 ancient mirrors of relationship, what they mean when they appear, recognizing how they play out in your life, and how each mirror can become a powerful form of mastery! (Note: due to the program content and emotional processing time required, Gregg has not offered the deeply transformative work of the “7 Essene mirrors of relationship” in public programs since he originally wrote about them over 20 years ago.)
  • New! A special segment dedicated to the latest discoveries regarding the chemistry of emotion, and the specific organs where the chemistry of unresolved emotions are stored (these are different for men and women) and how to free the emotional chemicals that can lead to illness and disease.
  • New! Professionally-facilitated and deeply experiential sessions using key breathing techniques to free the chemicals of unresolved emotion throughout the body. These sessions will be led by Christian Minson and his team of facilitators supervised by Gregg Braden. These sessions are currently offered only at Gregg’s extended New Mexico retreats and nowhere else in the world!
  • A special segment dedicated to new discoveries, techniques, and protocols for DNA longevity! This includes the opportunity to participate in a pilot program scientifically documenting the effects of age reversing strategies!
  • Gregg’s unpublished research (including archaeological evidence) that overturns 150 years of mainstream thinking when it comes to human origins and the extraordinary implications in our lives!
  • Multiple opportunities over four days to learn, develop and fine-tune your skills of heart intelligence!
  • Discovering the 5 false assumptions of science that our society is based upon, why they’re changing our lives today, and how to use the new discoveries to your advantage!
  • Discovering the 80-year-old mystery that has divided the scientific community when it comes to the heart, the recent discovery that re-ignited the controversy, and what it means for you today!
  • Learning to discern between your thinking mind and your heart’s intelligence as it reveals decisive answers to your life’s most difficult decisions, and how to trust what you learn!

Much, much more!

Getting There

Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa
1300 Tuyuna Trail, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico, USA, 87004
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