Holy Land Tour with Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton – In Search of Original Wisdom

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Event Start Date: December 1, 2022

Event End Date: December 19, 2022

An extraordinary journey with two extraordinary human beings! Gregg Braden & Dr. Bruce Lipton will lead an extensive 18-day sacred journey of a lifetime in the Holy Land!

Following Gregg Braden’s first extraordinary tour to the Holy Land in 2018, he will be returning in December 2022 along with his colleague and lifelong friend Dr. Bruce Lipton to lead together the new tour. They are the sole presenters and leaders throughout the tour, and will be with the group everywhere we go! This one of a kind tour will never be repeated again!

Over two thousand years ago the ancient Essenes (the mysterious sect known in Egypt as theraputae for their advanced knowledge of the human body) left a sacred library of scrolls hidden in the caves above the Dead Sea—the Dead Sea Scrolls. With text written on parchment, papyrus and incised onto thin sheets of copper, many of the scrolls were sealed in clay vases that preserved and protected them until they were discovered by a young shepherd in 1947. What happened next, as the saying goes, is history.

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been controversial from the day they were recognized – they represent the oldest known copies of the Hebrew Torah, and the Christian Old Testament, written in the original wording, rather than the later versions that were altered. Today, over seventy years after their discoveries, the mysteries remain: Who created the scrolls? Where did the information they contain originate? And perhaps most importantly, what do these ancient scrolls mean for us today?

The Dead Sea Scrolls is only one of the mysteries you’ll explore on Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Holy Land Tour: In Search of Original Wisdom. On this journey, you’ll explore the mysterious history that is common to the world’s three major religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The key to unlocking these holy land mysteries is to understand time itself, and what the cycles of past mean in our lives today. Through daily seminars and outdoor on-site lectures Gregg Braden will share discoveries seldom seen in mainstream media to give meaning to the events in the world and in our lives today.

From the northern parts of the holy land and it’s sacred sites on Mount Carmel and the prophet Elijah, to the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Jordan River and the holy sites of Jesus and Mary Magdalena, to the Kabbalistic holy city of Safed, to the powerful cliff-side Greek Orthodox monasteries in the Judean desert, the Dead Sea, Masada, the caves of Qumran, Ein Gedi nature oasis and its marvels, to six days of exploring the prominent mosques, synagogues, temples and archeological sites in the Holy City of Jerusalem and a special tour of the Dead Sea Scrolls Museum (including the best preserved and most-intact of all scrolls, Great Isaiah Scroll) and so much more, this multisensory tour program is designed to be an exploration and a pilgrimage, as well as a profound journey of a lifetime.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to join New York Times Bestselling authors Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton as they share leading-edge discoveries that give new meaning to the mystery of the Holy Land and to your spiritual evolution.

This pilgrimage/journey/exploration is your opportunity to:

  • Explore and experience the key archaeological sites found throughout the Holy Land, including UNESCO (United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural) Heritage Sites!
  • Daily orientations and expertly presented seminars for the daily excursions!
  • See for yourself the 66 chapters, written in 54 columns of the Great Isaiah Scroll, the most intact of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the prophecies that it contains!
  • Visit ancient cities, villages, monasteries, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, shrines, sites, mountains, valleys, seas, cultures, traditions, markets and much, much more! view our itinerary
  • Gregg and Dr. Bruce will personally lead this group through a powerful synthesis of easy-to understand science, spirituality and the wisdom traditions of the past, all in a safe and responsible learning environment. In Search of Original Wisdom is a multi-sensory program designed to find new meaning for us on a personal level and renewed hope for the positive new world that is emerging before our eyes!
  • All of this as we travel in deluxe tour coaches and comfort, sleep in highly rated hotels and dine on delicious authentic foods in full board (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

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