Interview with Gregg Braden & Guy Lawrence

My awesome guest this week is Gregg Braden, a five-time New York Times best-selling author and is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, ...
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Interview with Gregg Braden & Dirk Terpstra

 The last time we spoke with Gregg Braden was about his book ‘Resilience from the Heart’. Now we have another opportunity to speak with ...
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The Brain in Your Chest

Gregg Braden offers a powerful science-backed exercise for tapping into the intuitive intelligence of your heart-brain connection. This excerpt from Gregg’s latest book, Human By ...
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Pal – Wow with Soul Scientist Gregg Braden

In this pal-wow episode of Positive Head, Brandon Beachum discusses with Gregg Braden about his latest book Human By Design and how humanity is an ...
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Holistic Bliss Magazine

What would it take for a person with an influential safe career in the lucrative field of science and the corporate world to choose to ...
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Gregg Braden Interviewed About Creating in the Quantum Field Through The Heart

Frauke and Jean-Marc are pioneers in exploring the applications of the infinite possibilities of the quantum field. They are teaching, online and in workshops, how ...
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