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The 6 False Assumptions of Science

Click Here to See Gregg’s Full One Hour Presentation at WSIM-2015: http://worldsummitintegrativemedicine.com/greggbraden/?a=39

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Gregg Braden Discusses His 2 Near Death Experiences

TRANSCRIPT [This is] something I rarely talk about in public.  I [wrote] about this 20 years ago in one of my books, and I have not …

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The First 100 Years Are the Toughest

Why does the maximum human age seem to hover around the 100-year mark?  Why not 200 or even 500 years?  If we’re to believe accounts …

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A Turning Point Of Hope

We’ve all seen examples of turning points in our lives or those of friends and family. They can happen spontaneously, or they may be created …

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How Our Emotions Affect Our Health

In each moment of every day, a conversation is taking place inside us that’s one of the most vital we will ever find ourselves engaged …

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Glitches in Our Beliefs

What Can Software Teach You About Rewriting Your Beliefs?

After leaving the corporate world in 1990, I was living temporar­ily in the San Francisco area developing seminars and writing books by day. In the …

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placebo effect

The Power Of The Placebo Effect

In 1955, H. K. Beecher, the chief of anesthesiology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, published a landmark paper entitled “The Powerful Placebo.”1 In it, …

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