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RESET 2020: How Do We Emerge from the Global Shutdown

The world just changed. It happened in plain sight, as we watched like the proverbial train wreck that we know will end in disaster, yet ...
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10 Steps for Better Emergency Preparedness

Dearest Global Family, Following my most recent book, Resilience From The Heart: The Power To thrive In Life’s Extremes (Hay House 2015) much of the ...
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The Key To Transforming Our Lives

We’ve all experienced turning points in our lives, although some are more memorable than others. In the summer of 1969, I experienced two turning points ...
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A Time Of Climate Extremes

It’s not just the emphatic warnings of overzealous environmentalists that tell us we’re in a time of climate extremes. It’s not just the elders of ...
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Beyond Knowledge And Wisdom

By any measure, the 20th century was a wild ride for the people of Earth. Between 1900 and 2000, we went from a world of ...
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Copenhagen Climate Summit of 2010: Opportunities for Change

In 2010, the hopes of the world were high as we witnessed an unprecedented gathering of world leaders in Denmark to determine how to respond ...
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Reaching Peaks In Population Growth

Many “firsts” happened in the 20th century: some good, some not so good, and some simply mind-boggling. Since 1900 the world has witnessed the first ...
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A Species Defined By Our Differences

In our world of diversity, it has often been easier to focus on the differences that divide us rather than the principles that unite us. ...
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